Helping Our Customers and Employees Succeed.

Why US Solar?

We know that if we help out customers and the people on our team succeed then our success will be guaranteed! At US Solar we operate by a set of values and expect to be held accountable for living up to them.


Order Accuracy

We measure three key areas that we know drive value for you.  Order accuracy, fill rate and phone answer time. We currently have an order accuracy rate of 99.1% but are striving for higher levels of excellence for our customers!


Fill Rate

To measure our fill rate we use advanced forecasting, product trends and customer feedback to maximize our ability to fill your order.  Through our research and analysis we have been able to get our fill rate to 100%


Phone Answer Time

We track call volume, hourly trends, answer times and have added staff and expanding and improved our training. We have lowered our call answer time by more than 30%.  60% of our calls are answered in 10 seconds or less.