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Top 5 Tech Tips. Spring Maintenance Tips.

Here are my spring Top 5 Tech Tips. Spring Maintenance Tips:

1. Filters – We are just finishing our winter months, which this winter has been colder than usual, so heaters have been working more hours and filters are going to be dirtier than normal. Its good practice to change filters at each season change. By changing filter regularly you can save 5 to 15 percent on energy costs.

2. Clean blower assembly- Blower assemblies are mostly overlooked during maintenance because they require extra time and effort to remove, disassemble, clean, reassemble and reinstall. The cooling capacity loss from a dirty blower is substantial which means the A/C will run longer and use more energy to provide cooling as opposed to a system with a clean blower assembly. A dirty blower can also cause high thermal limit trips in the winter and freezing up of evaporator coils in the summer which creates longer run times and more energy use.

3. Clean evaporator coils- This is another overlooked maintenance procedure that requires extra time and effort. If your blower wheel is dirty your evaporator coil is most likely dirty as well. A dirty evaporator coil will greatly reduce capacity of you’re A/C by not allowing proper heat transfer. A dirty evaporator will cause the A/C to run longer and use more energy than it should. Improper heat transfer will cause liquid refrigerant to return to the compressor which will quickly ruin its pumping abilities and in turn cause premature failure.

4. Clean and inspect condensate drains- A clogged and then overflowing drain can create all kinds of havoc for you and the property owner. Every year the dreaded call comes in where water is coming through a ceiling or leaking onto floors causing thousands of dollars in damage. Not only should a drain be cleaned it should be inspected for damage. PVC glue doesn’t always last forever and could cause a joint to separate and then a large amount of water draining where it shouldn’t. I am always amazed how much condensation is created by an evaporator coil and is usually not noticed until the ceiling is laying on the floor or the wood floors are buckling.

5. Inspect Ductwork- Why not inspect ductwork for leaks and failure when it is cooler in an attic space. If you are like me the last place I want to spend time is in an attic where it can be 120+ degrees in the summer. What is even worse is replacing or repairing ductwork in these conditions. Save yourself the agony and inspect/repair/replace before summer begins. There is enough other work to keep you busy in the summer months.

Article by: Brian Groom