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Mitsubishi City Multi Maintenance Tool Diagnostics

A scenario-based, analysis and troubleshooting course focused on resolving service call issues using Maintenance Tool data.

This course offers an overview of Mitsubishi Electric’s R2-Series and Y-Series CITY MULTI systems. Learn about these systems’ respective functionality when in cooling, heating, and defrost modes as well as the refrigerant flows, which takes place during operation. Cooling, heating, and defrost target values are discussed using Maintenance Tool data. To reinforce these concepts, participants are presented with service call scenarios and must analyze Maintenance Tool data to troubleshoot CITY MULTI systems.

Laptops, with windows 7, 8, or 10 are required.
Maintenance Tool software is also required.
To download please go to

Pre-requisite for the CITY MULTI Maintenance Tool
Diagnostics Training Course: CITY MULTI Service Course